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About RMJ South Africa

Richard James founding Director of RMJ has for 20 years has been creating environmentally sound, energy efficient, comfortable homes throughout the UK.  His Passion for Timber frame created a synergy with lifelong friend & University colleque Rhys Watts who is now based in South Africa. Rhys has over 20 years of Project Management experience in the Construction sector.

South Africa has over the years been tapping into the global idea of building more sustainably and efficiently and alongside this In 2019 RMJ identified the need for IBT (innovative Building Technology) construction methods on this continent.  We are passionate on what we can offer South Africans in a new way of developing and building and what the Timber Frame home can deliver. A European supply chain for cladding and framework, is fully in place and the British team will provide site erecting teams.

Richard and Rhys have over 40 years of project management and construction expertise. RMJ South Africa are the go-to team for bespoke timber frame homes/ Commercial premises & extensions that our clients can be sure will be finished on time and on budget.  Free Initial consultations can be arranged with local leading Architects who are equally passionate on the prospects of designing and building low carbon structures and homes.

Timber Frame Specialist

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